Friday, March 5, 2010

Sea of mediocrity

"Mom, It's like I'm on a boat in the sea of mediocrity and I'm taking on water. I'm bailing as fast as I can but I'm sinking." was my middle son's assessment after six months in his first programming job. The doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication that he took for awhile but choose to discontinue. When he came home for an attitude adjustment vacation he had the MTHFR blood test done. He has one copy of A1268C and one copy of C677T mutated.

I have experienced and noticed, that this form of the MTHFR mutation displays a whole different set of Attention Deficit traits. The first being that you don't seem to be ADD at all because all of the distraction is internalized. I have and have noticed shy, withdrawn and detached social skills, due to the overload of thoughts and outside stimuli. Also a general feeling of being unsafe, not afraid, but on a continuous state of heightened alert. This makes socializing an added stress that is usually avoided opting for a one on one interaction other than group situations.

I invited seven girls over for my eldest daughter's sixth birthday party. I knew is would be a push on my comfort levels but didn't expect that my daughter would have the same reaction. She was visibly beside herself and cried the whole time. And when my middle son was nine we invited some boys to the ice cream parlor for one of those really big sundaes, he was a wreck to. It seems groups even chosen ones are a hard fit.

My daughter is now in her senior year at University of Vermont and in her studies she learned the definition of ADD to be a failure to inhabit. In the case of this type of MTHFR mutation it's a failure to inhabit the thought process from triggering the stress factors in the body. I live in a state of affirmative meditation, and was unable maintain a sense of calm, until I went on the supplements. Now two years into it I have moments of normal social skills, and that's pretty amazing.

My son is just starting to recognize to difference the supplements make in his PR skills. I can tell immediately when he hasn't taken them though, because without them he's condescending and intolerant with a argumentative wit. And if he can't inhibit those traits he most certainly will drown in the corporate sea.


  1. Hello -- I just found your blog, and found this post especially enlightening. Although I've looked into the MTHFR mutation issue, I haven't been tested, and yet your post definitely rings a bell with me.

    I was just wondering if you're still on the supplements, and how everyone is doing.

    Also wondering if you or any of your family members have tried sublingual methylb12, and/or Metafolin or Folapro?

    Thans in advance,


  2. I'm noticing that "Dan" posted almost exactly a year ago--i don't see a response and I'm wondering if this is an active blog? I have been diagnosed with the MTHFR mutation and I haven't tested my children yet but I would also like some info about the supplements you are using and how things are going. I do have some questions but I'm going to wait for a response
    before posting them. Tks

  3. My son was diagnosed with ADHD 6 years ago. four months ago we found he has MTHFR mutation and is now on supplements. He is on a gluten free diet and is taking his supplements daily. We took him off concerta this summer and seems much happier. When he is on Med's he doesn't have a sparkle in his eye and seems very robotic. He was always so TIRED on or off the meds. That was the reason we did a ton of blood work and how we found out about MTHFR. If he does not take his supplements he is tired and cranky. So he has learned to take them everyday. He will be starting High School in a few weeks and I am concerned about how he will focus in 90 minute classes. I have stressed the importance of organization and writing things down to make habits etc. Do you have any tools or ideas on surviving freshman year!

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