Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creative Material

Wednesdays are no homework hall days for my middle school daughter, traditionally a very difficult day. A day full of excuses, forgotten elements and tantrums, enough to completely disregard the process of completing the assignments. And this week to top it off I received a phone call from the teacher on the absents of work being handed in.

With confrontation inevitable I took some time to write about my issues and the memories of ADD middle school children. I've been through it all before with my three older children. The first time I had less to work with. Less understanding , less answers and less patients. The reason for my children's ADD is a genetic MTHFR mutation which comes on two genes the A1268C and/or C677T, it can also effect one or both chromosomes. There are two combinations of the mutation in my family, with two separate personality types. Both types are managed with vitamin supplements and I began mine two years ago. I'm enjoying a change in myself never before considered. It's an amazing realization that this is what one might call NORMAL. A calmness that was never there day or night settled in. And now I'm able to write things down.

I write stories about my children's behavior and actions. I use my daughter as a catalyst a lot because she triggers the memories. And yesterday I told her I had to write about the call in the blog and I read the part defining the homework process to her. She gave me a sideways glance with a comment about not appreciating being the creative material for my writing. Then I tried to keep her on task, following the steps in takes to get credit for homework.

I write stories of dysfunctional habits, add in some memories and understanding. Then I let her read them, she gets it and the habits change, amazing. It took twenty-six years but I'm finally starting to enjoy being around my children.

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