Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He had to be spotted!

On a day when remembrance was critical

Dependability questionable

Tying strings on fingers proved to be inadequate

Instructions heedlessly disregarded

In a time before cell phones

What’s a mother to do?

A better way beyond comprehension…

He had to be spotted

With multi-colored sticky label spots

Enough to make it through the day

There was only one left by the end

And he remembered…

This poem was a result of my 11 year-old daughter forgetting her winter coat in school and the flashback to when her older brother started middle school. They are 15 years apart and have the same Mthfr mutation "one copy of the A1268C." The similar behavioral traits are uncanny, both very witty and intelligent, and both diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Once I had the information on the Mthfr mutation, I began my daughter on the supplements and she is so much better. However, beginning in a new environment like middle school with new stress factors throws the immune system off balance. When sugar levels and heavy metals get out of control her brain activity has a hard time processing the extra stimuli. Things get dropped out of her awareness, she doesn't really forget, they just disappear from her train of thought. The fact that they're gone always seems to be a surprise to her with almost no recollection of their whereabouts. Adjustments were made, a new coat purchased and poetry written of a time when I had no answers or remedies.

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