Monday, July 27, 2009

ADD # 4 The PPT meetings begin again

It seems to begin for my kids around 4th grade, when the school administration decides to play the ADD card. The PPT was scheduled. I put in a call to the chiropractor I had been seeing for about 6 months or so. Help! was my plea. I had already gone through this fifteen years earlier. Do you know of any Magic for Attention Deficit Disorder? To my surprise the answer he gave was "YES." OMG a possible solution, it seems the genetic scientist were looking at a set of genes that if mutated would inhibit the assimilation of nutrients critical to the formation of healthy brain cells. A simple blood test to read the genes in the DNA would let us know how to proceed.

The test came back with a positive mutation of one of the genes and a simple set of vitamin and amino acid supplementation was started. In fact I have 4 children and they all have the genetic mutation. 2 with a single copy of A1268C and 2 with with a single copy of both A1268C and
C677T mutated. Their display of ADD tendencies is quite different and very apparent now that I have the information. I also started taking the supplements because a genetic mutation has to start somewhere and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It's hard to explain because my ADD was internal, in the form of mental anxiety (I guess you would say).

What is needed is to supplement the body with activated forms of vitamin B12 and Folic Acid we use Metagenics Neurosol . We also add an amino acid blend that has tryptophan in it we use Jade Nutraceuticals Live Well Aminos. Please note this is not an immediate fix, it will take some time for the nutrients to start to strengthen the cells in the brain. Be patient and diligent. You will be rewarded.

My eldest daughter is in college now and in her psych class they label ADD as the inability to inhibit. That label for me makes it easier to connect with and correct the ADD behavioral episodes. I think that because the brain of the people with ADD are not getting the proper nutrients the brains gets stuck and the shock of getting unstuck is aggravating, and throws the whole system off.

It's sad and painful to go through on any level.

Here is the name of the blood test to order: MTHFR, DNA Mutation.

The severity can range from autism through ADD to anxiety. It's an answer that worked for me maybe it'll work for you to.

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